We develop automation and testing applications that integrate motion control, data acquisition and graphical control panels tailored for the client.


Sparks Communications was founded in 2010 as a software consulting firm. Our software operates in some of the largest motion simulators in the world, providing the user interface, digital control, and signal processing architecture:


Our Floze control system development package supports interactive software developement using object-oriented data-flow programming. It includes a large selection of signal processing, servo control, and diganotics tools. A comprehensive set of user interface classes is provided. The entire package is portable: The development system and application software will function on Windows or Linux, including the integrated EtherCAT master.


Our writers create proposals, system documentation and end-user manuals. Floze user interface panels are integrated with the documentation: The display language for the application user interface and online help can be changed while the software is running.

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Inspect examples from the menu. They span 30 years of engineering software development from small rapid prototypes to large motion simulators. Client references on request.

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